About Dr. Raden

Dr. Donald Raden is an integrative physician who has spent the past five years of his career assisting patients through a functional medical approach. His primary focus is psychiatric illness.

During his educational training, he discovered that psychiatric illnesses are influenced by biological entities. His work with thousands of patients, using objective laboratory data, validated his theory that nutritional, hormonal, and immunological abnormities significantly impact a person’s ability to heal from a condition.

Unfortunately, even with a well-designed protocol implemented to enhance his patients’ health through diet, oral supplementation of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), and lifestyle modifications, the results for many of his clients were not satisfactory to his standards.

He soon realized that a micronutrient protocol administered through oral routes was not optimizing blood levels when repeat laboratory measures were obtained. He was shocked when patient’s arrived to his clinic having consumed “tons of vitamins and minerals,” yet their objective labs indicated they were deficient in all of the nutrients that they were consuming.

Dr. Raden concluded that a patient cannot absorb vitamins and minerals unless his or her gastrointestinal tract was healthy. Therefore, he changed his focus of treatment: rather than provide patient’s micronutrients at the initial visits, he focused on correcting the patient’s anatomy.

Unfortunately, he soon realized that this was an impossible mission for patients early on in their treatment who were nutritionally compromised. Therefore, he has turned to IV protocols to allow one hundred percent absorption of prescribed nutrients, bypassing the GI system completely. This has proven to be a successful first step for patients struggling with chronic disease states.