Athletic Recovery

After a workout or intense physical activity, it is common to “feel the burn.” The Burning sensation is caused from byproducts of metabolism, dehydration, and inflammation. Our bodies have to create so much energy during physical activity. We do this by metabolism and creating ATP. The process of creating ATP requires the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. This process needs several vitamins and minerals to generate this energy. It can be difficult to replace these nutrients once they have been used up, especially when exercising and training. The Athletic Recovery IV was formulated to help recover faster, even from the most intense workouts.


Benefits of Athletic Recovery IV

  1. Rehydrate: The fastest, most effective way to correct dehydration is through intravenous administration of fluids.
  2. Boost performance: By giving the vitamins and mineral needed for metabolism, can help generate more energy needed during intense physical activity. We also added key amino-acids to help with energy production, help stimulate the production of growth hormones and help increase lean muscle mass.
  3. Reduce fatigue and shorten recovery time: Inflammation and pain is a big part of the length of recover, by giving an anti-inflammatory this helps shorten that recovery.  Also anti-oxidants like vitamin C and Glutathione help decrease some of the oxidative damage caused by some of the inflammatory products generated during exercise.


This infusion is appropriate at any level of physical activity, whether you are a professional athlete or just starting a gym. You may use this IV either before or after athletic events or both!

At North Shore IV Center we only use the highest quality nutrients and nothing we use is considered performance enhancing drugs.