One of the most common concern Americans have today is fatigue. Patients feel exhausted and barely get through there day. Fatigue is commonly associated with many health conditions like infections, stress or depression, diets highs in carbohydrates, and several others. Sometimes more complicated reasons cause fatigue. Vitamin deficiencies like low vitamin B can cause fatigue. Hormonal imbalances like PMS and adrenal insuffiency may also contribute to the feeling of fatigue. Other chronic diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, hypothyroidism, and connective tissue disorders can cause fatigue as well

Believe it or not, there is actually a disease called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or CFS, that affects millions of Americans today. CFS causes you to feel like you are constantly tired, and there isn’t any other medical diagnosis for it. CFS is considered by most as multifactorial. Fortunately, IV nutrient therapy may be beneficial in managing fatigue.

To treat fatigue appropriately, one should be evaluated to determine the cause of the fatigue. Depending on the cause of the fatigue, treatments are usually involve multiple therapies including IV nutrients, but also diet, exercise, and oral supplements. At North Shore IV Center, there are a couple of drips we can give you to help your fatigue. Both the Myer’s Cocktail and High-Dose Intravenous Vitamin C have shown improvement on those who have issues with fatigue.