What is IV Nutrition Therapy?

There is good reason that intravenous nutrition is rapidly growing therapy. The growing body of scientific data is showing the great health benefits and patients are responding. IV nutrient therapy is an excellent way to deliver nutrients directly where they are needed. Your body will rapidly get the key nutrients it needs, in a controlled manner, without having to be absorbed through the GI tract and assimilated.

At North Shore IV Center we will customize each intravenous nutrient therapy to individuals needs. All of our cells continually utilize vitamins, and minerals to make energy and other cellular processes. Diseases can occur as a result of chronic deficiency of a basic vitamin or mineral. Correcting nutrient deficiencies is the core of addressing these conditions.

Chronic illnesses, fatigue, stress, increased toxin load can deplete our body of nutrients. Oral supplementation is part of the solution, but is often times not enough to correct the deficiency that has accumulated over years. The rapid delivery of concentrated nutrients directly into the bloodstream is a very effective way to address this issue, and on the way to wellness.

Most IV therapy takes 15 to 90 minutes. Some high dose and volume drips can take 2 to 3 hours. Patients can relax, sleep, read, and watch TV or a movie. Patients will be informed of the time commitment prior to starting treatment. Once the IV has started you may experience a warm sensation in your chest or abdomen and you may have a sensation of “tasting” the vitamins.

Note: Please be sure to eat and/or bring snacks so that you are not coming in on an empty stomach. Vitamin C and other infusions require continuous oral hydration as well, so you may bring liquids.